Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Employment Laws and Discrimination

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Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Employment Laws and Discrimination
1 Equal Pay Act
1.1 1970
1.2 Male and female equal pay
2 Sex Discrimination Act(s)
2.1 1975 & 1986
2.2 Male and female equal treatment
3 Race Relations Act
3.1 1976
3.2 White people cannot discriminate against ethnic minorities
4 Disability Discrimination Act
4.1 1995
4.2 Disabled people cannot be discriminated against
5 Employment Equality Regulations
5.1 2003
5.2 People cannot be discriminated against because of their religion or belief.
6 Equality Act
6.1 2010
6.2 Combines the other acts; People cannot discriminate against others due to disabilities, religious beliefs/beliefs, race/ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, gender identity.
7 Discrimination
7.1 Direct Discrimination
7.1.1 Treating one person less favourably than another purely on grounds of a sex/race/gender etc.
7.2 Indirect Discrimination
7.2.1 Imposing a requirement that can be satisfied by a much smaller proportion of the people from one sex/one racial group/etc than from another.
7.2.2 Imposing a requirement that cannot be shown to be justifiable by the needs of the job.
7.3 Fair dismissal reasons
7.3.1 Conduct How the employee does things Bad conduct
7.3.2 Capability If the employee can handle the tasks set for them Poor capability
7.3.3 Redundancy The job no longer exists at the place of employment
7.3.4 Statutory requirements Legal entitlement Because of what the law states Robbery/murder etc.
7.3.5 Other reasonable issues
7.4 Constructive dismissal
7.4.1 The employer essentially forces the employee to leave by making the employee's job impossible to do (such as relocating the employee to somewhere unreasonable).
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