Sustainability & digital technology

Liz Goddard
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Mind map of how digital technology can impact on the environment

Liz Goddard
Created by Liz Goddard over 3 years ago
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Sustainability & digital technology
1 Protect the environment
1.1 Don't throw devices into landfills
1.2 Banking online
1.2.1 Fewer bank statements/ less paper
1.2.2 Fewer journeys to the bank
1.3 Smart meters
1.3.1 Less energy waste
1.3.2 Control energy use by smartphones
1.4 Shopping online
1.4.1 Fewer trips to the shops
2 Reuse resources
2.1 Recycle devices
2.1.1 Charities Always wipe the hard drive first to remove personal data
2.1.2 Sell For reuse For parts
2.1.3 Give away
3 Digital technology uses a lot of power
3.1 Huge server farms:https: - use a lot of energy for servers & cooling. Can use hydro electric energy and locate in cold climates.
4 Cloud computing
4.1 Allows us to access & share files and online calendars from anywhere with an internet connection
4.1.1 +ves More working from home so less commuting & less fuel use so reduce pollution Can work with others all over the world - less travelling, less fuel use so reduces pollution Less paper being used now as documents can be shared & accessed from multiple locations
4.1.2 -ves Has created enormous server farms that use a lot of energy and create more pollution
5 Changes to shopping and banking
5.1 Download music and games rather than buy hard copies
5.1.1 Reduces resources (packaging, discs) & delivery - fuel/pollution
5.2 More online shopping
5.2.1 Fewer journeys to shops so less pollution
5.3 Fewer bank statements
5.3.1 Less resources used (paper)
5.4 More online banking
5.4.1 Fewer journeys to the bank - less fuel used - less pollution
6 We need to reduce CO2 emissions which are causing global warming. We also need to protect natural resources.