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A brief overview of the different models of health and how they understand depression.

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  1. Bio- Medical Model. "explains health in terms of biology" (
    1. Sarah Nettletons five assumptions of heath.
      1. Reductionist- doesn't take other factors into consideration
        1. Mind/body dualism- the mind and body can be treated separately.
          1. Mechanical metaphor- body is perceived as a machine and can be traced like that. for example for depression- just give medicine.
            1. Technological imperative- the invention of things like X-rays and MRI machines.
              1. Doctrine of specific aetiology- assumption that every disease and illness is caused by a specific entity. For depression this could be a chemical imbalance in the brain.
    2. Social Models of health.'The body is a cultural construction, and that is how it is understood" (Duden)
      1. where you live/ work can affect your mental health e.g. harsh working conditions
        1. stress
          1. on going stress can affect your mental health
          2. Organic and holistic
            1. some social determinants of health include; social standing, where you work, lifestyle, economic situation and culture.
              1. Emerged in the 1970s many members of society were not in good health despite improvements in medicine
              2. Lay Perspectives of health- A non proffessionas view of health. "Requires an understanding of how people maintain their health" (Nettleton)
                1. personal, cultural and social influences
                  1. Depression is often perceived in a society as negatively.
                    1. Told to just "cheer up"
                      1. just feeling "under the weather"
                      2. reflect personal circumstances and experience of health and illness
                        1. Health belief model- focus is on your attitudes and beliefs- if you have negative thoughts about yourself, this could affect your mental health
                          1. The non- professionals view of health.
                          2. Bio-Pysco-social Model. (Engel) "all three levels, biological, psychological and social, must be taken into account in every health care task"
                            1. Holistic view of health.
                              1. Biological- refers to germs and toxins. In relation to depression this could be a chemical imbalance in the brain.
                                1. Psychological- negative thinking and emotional turmoil can affet your mental health
                                  1. Social- stressors of work and your social standing could affect your mental heath.
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