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Elements of the Novel Hatchet


Quarter 2 mind map
Mind Map by andres.gonzalez, updated more than 1 year ago
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Elements of the Novel Hatchet
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Cause- Pilot has a heart attack causing Brian to take over and fly the plane which crashes into lake leaving Brian stranded
      1. Conflict/Problem- Brian Is stranded only with a hatchet. In the Canadian wilderness he has to search and hunt for food to survive.
      2. Theme
        1. How brought out in the book: Several times Brian has to use his knowledge and his hatchet.
          1. Message/Theme: The most reliable tool for survival can be your self and anything that can assist you.
          2. Characters
            1. Name's
              1. Brian
                1. He was able to survive using his memories and things he had done in the past.
                  1. After he is rescued he is completely changes his life
                  2. Pilot Jim/Jake
                    1. He has heart attack
                      1. Nice guy not much is known about him.
                  3. Setting
                    1. Time: Took place during the summer months which lasted 54 days
                      1. Place/Location: Deep in the wilderness of Canadian forest
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