Thoracic limb blood vessels

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thoracic limb blood vessels of dog

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Thoracic limb blood vessels
  1. subclavian a.
    1. axillary a.
      1. brachial a.
        1. median a.
          1. deep antebrachial a.
            1. radial a.
              1. dorsal carpal br.
                1. dorsal carpal rete
                  1. dorsal metacarpal a.
                2. palmar carpal br.
                  1. deep palmar arch
                    1. palmar metacarpal br.
                3. superficial palmar arch
                  1. superficial palmar arch
                    1. palmar common digital a.
                4. bicipital a.
                  1. deep brachial a.
                    1. collateral ulnar a.
                      1. superficial brachial a.
                        1. cranial superficial antebrachial a.
                          1. lateral br.
                            1. dorsal common digital a.
                            2. medial br.
                          2. transverse cubital a.
                            1. common interosseous a.
                              1. ulnar a.
                                1. cranial interosseous a.
                                  1. caudal interosseous a.
                                    1. dorsal metacarpal a.
                                      1. br. of caudal interosseous a.
                                        1. palmar common digital a.
                                    2. external thoracic a.
                                      1. lateral thoracic a.
                                        1. subscapular a.
                                          1. thoracodorsal a.
                                            1. caudal circumflex humeral a.
                                            2. cranial circumflex humeral a.
                                            3. vertebral a.
                                              1. costocervical trunk
                                                1. superficial cervical a.
                                                  1. internal thoracic a.
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