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Updating Our Song Choice


Zoe McGhee
Mind Map by Zoe McGhee, updated more than 1 year ago
Zoe McGhee
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Updating Our Song Choice
  1. We have chosen to update our choice of song in order to reflect the greater narrative we aim for. To achieve this we have narrowed down our song choice to a different genre. We think the romantic genre adds more narrative and reaches higher conventions of music videos that are easier for us to replicate.
    1. Possible song choices and Narratives
      1. The Kooks -Seaside
        1. Man sittingwith guitar
          1. Flashbacks to young happy couple
        2. Jason Miraz- I'm Yours
          1. Starts off with only glimmers of a blurry girl
            1. The man playing the guitar appears to be watching/ following her
              1. He continues to chase her (seems like she's further away)
                1. Eventually the girl is revealled
          2. Maroon 5- Pay Phone
            1. Man appears to be singing in a busy city (lots of people around)
              1. But cannot find the girl
                1. Reflections on happier times
            2. One Direction- Perfect
              1. Girl is receiving flowers and love from a boy (who is not seen on camera)
                1. This is contrasted by another more 'rugid' looking boy- doing nothing nice
                  1. In turn she ends up with him
              2. Daughter- Youth
                1. Youth (one particular girl) partying and having fun
                  1. Boy continues to try to talk to her in different locations
                    1. Street, shops, party
                      1. Flashbacks to the two being happy
                2. Luimineers- You belong with me
                  1. Starts off with a girl having a good time- watching and laughing and partying, walking ect.
                    1. Boy appears to be watching/reflecting on her
                      1. Unravels a 'narrative' that she is now with someone else
                3. Possible locations
                  1. Driving to the beach? Raining, autumnal beach setting
                    1. Train/ Drive to a busy city. i.e Leicester
                      1. Parks e.g. East Carlton or Rutland Water
                        1. Urban Location e.g. 12 Arches
                          1. House/Kitchens
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