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1 Timber
1.1 cutting down trees for building material
1.1.1 more houses and buildings bigger population more food needed for more people
1.1.2 wood like mahogony
1.2 less oxygen
1.2.1 co2 global warming flooding
1.3 Space for cattle ranching
1.3.1 Cattle ranching it takes 50 trees to grow 1 cow more food meat beef wider selection of meat products on the market in MEDC's more houses needed for more farmers more timber villages in the rainforest attracts tourists
2 Mining resources
2.1 for building material, electricity and jewellery
2.1.1 They are mining coal, sapphires and bauxite coal to make electricity and fire sapphires to make mostly jewellery and other products wider selection of jewellery products bauxite is used in cement, chemicals, face makeup, soft drink cans, dishwashers, sisding for houses and other aluminum products
3 Hydro-electric power
3.1 for less polluting electricity
3.1.1 They are building a dam so the water from the river can go through a tube to make electricity without producing co2 the dam could break or overflow millions of trees would be flooded causing lots of co2 and pollution
4 20 football pitches of rainforest are cut down every minute!
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