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Religous Expression


Sonu Mucesh
Mind Map by Sonu Mucesh, updated more than 1 year ago
Sonu Mucesh
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Religous Expression
  1. KeyWords
    1. Faith
      1. having a belief in something or someone
      2. Evangelism
        1. some religons spread their belief
        2. identity
          1. particular personality and character
          2. Pilgrimage
            1. a journey to place of special religous significance
            2. Community
              1. A group of people with something in common
              2. Sacred
                1. something so special
              3. Chrisitian symbols
                1. Cross - jesus died on the cross
                  1. Baptism - washing away their sins
                    1. fish sign of being a chrisitan
                    2. Chrisitan pilgrimage
                      1. No requirement
                        1. many go to israel
                          1. feel close to God
                            1. increase commitment
                              1. Virgin mary appeared
                              2. Muslim symbols
                                1. Sharing your money with poor
                                  1. Mosdest clothing
                                    1. Star and cresant symbol of Islam
                                      1. Aqiqah
                                      2. Pilgrimage - Islam
                                        1. One of the five pillars of islam
                                          1. Fell part of the community
                                            1. Get closer to allah
                                              1. Take part in different rituals
                                                1. All wear same closthes
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