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My Personality/Intelligence Tests Mind Map

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Victor Ho
1 True Colours Test
1.1 In this test, I have a blue personality. This means the things that frustrate my is when people are lying, violence and having a lack of communication. But the things the annoy other people is that I have a lack of planning, I try to avoid conflict and I am too generous all the time
2 Brain Hemisphere Dominance
2.1 In this test, I am fairly balanced between the two hemispheres with 13 Even numbers and 14 odd numbers. This means in some cases I think in a logical way but other times, I think more creatively
3 The Pig Test
3.1 In this test, I drew my pig toward the middle, facing left with few details and with 4 legs showing. This means that I am a realist and I believe in tradition, am friendly and remember dates. I am also emotional and naive. I care little for details, a risk-taker, secure, stubborn and stick to my ideals.
4 Multiple Intelligences
4.1 In this test, my preferred intelligence are logical-mathematical and interpersonal. For logical-mathematical, this means I am skilled at deductive reasoning, detecting patterns, and logical thinking. For interpersonal, this means I have good skills communicating with people.
5 The Holland Code
5.1 In this test, the highest scoring category was the conventional one. This means I am someone who likes to work with data, have clerical or numerical ability, carrying things out in detail or following through on other's instructions
6 Learning Modalities
6.1 In this test, I am mainly a kinesthetic learner This means that I learn the best by touching, doing and moving
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