Mickey Goldmill's Speech to Rocky


Rhetorical Analysis of Mickey Goldmill's speech to Rocky in Rocky V
Jacob Vaughan
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Mickey Goldmill's Speech to Rocky
  1. Speaker: Mickey Goldmill
    1. Audience: Rocky
      1. Goal: To Inspire Rocky to Never Give Up
        1. Context: Rocky has a flashback of before he was about to fight Apollo Creed
      2. Ethos
        1. Evidence: Mickey has Rocky Marciano’s cufflink
          1. Effect: It shows that Mickey has trained someone before
          2. Direct Quote: “You know kid, I know how you feel about this fight that's comin' up. 'Cause I was young once, too.”
            1. Effect: Proves that Mickey has been in Rocky’s situation before and Mickey knows how to help Rocky handle it.
            2. Direct Quote: “'Cause when I leave you you'll not only know how to fight, you'll be able to take care of yourself outside the ring too…”
              1. Effect: Shows that Mickey is going to show Rocky how to survive inside and out of the ring
            3. Logos
              1. Direct Quote: Rocky has a flashback of before he was about to fight Apollo Creed
                1. Effect: The speaker explains to Rocky that he is the reason that Mickey is still alive.
                2. Direct Quote: “That Apollo won't know what hit him."
                  1. Effect: The speaker explains to Rocky that since Rocky is trained and ready to go, he is going to beat Apollo Creed.
                  2. Direct Quote: “Little by little we lose our friends, we lose everything.”
                    1. Effect: Rocky is the only thing that Mickey has left
                  3. Pathos
                    1. Direct Quote: “This is the favorite thing that I have on this Earth.”
                      1. Effect: By giving Rocky the cufflink, Mickey shows the audience that he loves Rocky.
                      2. Direct Quote: “You're gonna roll over him like a bulldozer, an Italian bulldozer.”
                        1. Effect: Mickey uses an aggressive tone to make Rocky feel inspired to beat Apollo Creed
                        2. Evidence: Mickey’s facial expressions are very “war-like”
                          1. Effect: Makes Rocky feel like he is about to fight in a war for his life
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