Nutrient Basics

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Nutrient Basics
1 Nutrients in food
1.1 Used to:
1.1.1 Make energy
1.1.2 Regulate body funtions
1.1.3 Build or repair tissue
1.1.4 Over all help you grow
1.2 6 Essential Nutrients
1.2.1 Water The most basic and important nutrient that your body CAN'T live without
1.2.2 Carbohydrates 2 types of carbs include: Simple and complex Both provide dietary fiber and energy. More readily available Simple carbs have a high calorie count but low nutritional value Complex carbs are full of minerals Food sources include: Candy,soda,jelly,fruits,juices,milk and yogurt
1.2.3 Protein Nutrient that people already get plenty of Provides energy and helps repair/build/maintain body tissues Food sources include: Meats, eggs, poultry, dairy,nuts,legumes Can't be stored so protein needs to be consumed through out the day The 2 types include complete and incomplete
1.2.4 Fat Helps the functionality of our nerves and brain, but you don't want too much. Just a healthy amount will do. Food sources include butter, salad dressing,seeds, dairy products,etc. Also needed for healthy skin, growth and energy The types include: Saturated Polyunsaturated Monounsaturated
1.2.5 Vitamins Don't create energy, but they release energy from other nutrients.
1.2.6 Minerals Help provide functions within the body
1.3 Fiber is indigestible but helps digestion for other items
1.3.1 Oatmeal,fruits,veggies,whole grains, legumes are some food sources
2 11 out of 9 Amino acids are provided within the human body. The other 9 need to be consumed from food sources
2.1 9 amino acids come from animal sources
2.2 The others come from plant sources
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