Elements of the Novel - The Last Song

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This is my Mind Map for my novel.

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Elements of the Novel - The Last Song
1 Characters
1.1 Jonah
1.1.1 Outgoing
1.1.2 Curious
1.2 Steve
1.2.1 Gracious
1.2.2 Patient
1.3 Ronnie
1.3.1 Ambitious
1.3.2 Committed
2 Main Conflict
2.1 Ronnie doesn't want to go to North Carolina because she's angry with her father.
2.2 Ronnie's parents are divorced. Her father left them and she's angry with him and doesn't want to see him.
3 Theme
3.1 The message or theme for this story is you should be thankful for what you have, since one day you might not have it.
3.2 Ronnie's dad, Steve passes away and she barely knew him at all.
4 Setting
4.1 Summer
4.2 North Carolina
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