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Resource summary

  1. Shot 1
    1. Shows the relationship and encouragement a teenager can get from the internet, and reflects socetial worries between young people and the internet.
    2. Shot 2
      1. Tells the narrative story of the first meeting
      2. Shot 3
        1. Adds realism and understanding to the narrative by showing the school
        2. Shot 4
          1. Demonstrates lip singing skills and hits criteria and conventions of music videos
          2. Shot 5
            1. The girls run in late adding to the narrative conventions of the genre, suggesting the girly relebious teen stereotype
            2. Shot 6
              1. Represents the teenage stereotypes and shows how the growing up of girls in modern society can therefore be pressured to behave in this way
                1. By showing the two girls briefly falling out or being angry with each other we overcome challenges of teenage years and continue the narrative
              2. Shots 7 and 8
                1. The sequence that shows the children leaving young and appearing old adds to the narrative of growing up
                2. Shot 9
                  1. This will display a similar reflection of the two girls getting older
                  2. Shot 10 and 11
                    1. Show the girls having fun and causing trouble as older students
                    2. Final Shot -Shot 12
                      1. Shows the understanding of the girls leaving school having grown up
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