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key ideas and concepts of modernism

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1 Bohemian culture, avant garde embraced modernism in political or philosophical opposition to middle class complacency. had a profound effect and influence on art as it is today. The machine age, industrial production.
1.1 Avant-Garde, Front line, ideas and concepts.
1.1.1 Expressionism Expressionists used craft based techniques
1.1.2 Cubism Reacting against the "prettifying nature" of Impressionism, Cubist artists focused on intellectual issues concerning the two-dimensional picture-plane. (re-write)
1.1.3 Futurism Committed to the new, its members wished to destroy older forms of culture and to demonstrate the beauty of modern life - the beauty of the machine, speed, violence and change
1.1.4 Dada Dadaists deplored the use of machinery to wage war.
1.1.5 Surrealism Aimed to generate an entirely new set of imagery by liberating the creative power of the unconscious mind.
1.1.6 Constructivism Noted for their integration of art, technology and industrial design.
1.1.7 De Stijl basic visual elements such as geometric forms and primary colours. reaction against the decorative excesses of Art Deco,
1.1.8 Bauhaus Unity of art & design from typography to tableware, clothes, furniture and art.
1.2 Flat and lack of depth except some aspects of surrelisam.
1.3 A collection of ideas
1.4 Rejects tradition and embraces abstraction.
1.5 Desire to create a better world
1.5.1 Art and design can transform society.
1.6 Technology is the key to achieve social improvement.
1.7 Left leaning social and political beliefs
2 Art -simplistic / text smooth lines abstract imagination reflects nature
3 Architecture, modern materials/ incorporated into landscape/ simplistic/ strong lines and curves/ galss and steel/ Flat roofs
4 Furniture - Simplicity / Geometry/ polished metal/ primary colours
5 Modern art is its own master, traditional art was dedicated to religious ideology or reality. Picasso said "All you have is yourself" "I dont paint the world i see, i paint the world as i imagine it."
6 Visual communication - Collage & photo montages - displayed at times of Political, social & emotional upheaval Design and art could and should transform society. Make visible the invisible
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