Brave New World

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Created by pevans91 almost 6 years ago
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Brave New World
1 Characters
1.1 John the Savage
1.1.1 Romantic. Believes in living by Shakespeare
1.1.2 His views are as irrational as those of the Society
1.1.3 Unable to adjust to Fordism, rejects the pleasure of the world
1.1.4 Believes technology is a poor substitute for personal freedom
1.2 Bernard Marx
1.2.1 The other misfit of the novel
1.2.2 Enjoys being alone, conditioning does not appear to have worked
1.2.3 Ends the novel banished from society (which he treats as a tragedy)
1.3 Helmholtz Watson
1.3.1 Confident Alpha Plus
1.3.2 Begins to despise writing the same useless propaganda
1.3.3 Comes to view his exile as an opportunity for better writing
1.4 Mustapha Mond
1.4.1 The only character to have accuse to history
1.4.2 Believes the World State is the answer to humanity
1.4.3 Clearly an intelligent character. Antagonises the idea of good and bad
2 Neil Postman - Critic
2.1 Orwell feared a world where books would be banned. Huxley feared a world where nobody would read them
2.2 Orwell feared a world where information would be restricted. Huxley feared a world of too much information as to render it irrelevant.
3 Themes
3.1 Pavlov's Dog - Theory of behaviour - Hypodermic learning
3.2 Fordism - The mechanisation of the economy. Rejection of God.
3.3 Dangers of the cinema - The introduction of "feelies" to nullify the masses
3.4 Electroconvulisive Therapy - increasingly popular as a means of treating mental illness. In Huxley's world it is used to enforce State ideology

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