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Merchant of venice key themes mind map

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Key themes
1 Appearance vs. Reality
1.1 • Portia makes her mind up about the suitors having only just met them or before she meet them • Shylock- ‘a villain with a smiling cheek’- hints at dark intentions of bond • Rich and prosperous Venice hides discrimination of Jews • Bassanio is very keen on Portia’s appearance • Cross dressing of Portia and Nerissa in court and Jessica escaping as a boy • Lovers make decision to marry each other despite not having known one another for a long period of time • Caskets- hides what is inside them- Morocco and Aragon make that mistake • Gratanio hides his bad behaviour when in Belmont
2 Venice vs Belmont
2.1 Venice • Venice was a city knows for prosperity, culture, banking and trade. Renowned for its tolerance of foreigners, founded upon a legal system that protected the rights of all individuals, not only it residents. Jewish residents were confined to ghettos and had to wear red hats. • Shakespeare gave Venice many qualities of England at the time- relatable
2.2 Belmont • Belmont doesn’t exist, but reflects the ideal country estate, elegant and beautiful- presided by beautiful Portia. Appears to be a place of beauty and elegance. Idyllic island of art and music • Female dominant
3 Prejeduce
3.1 • Antonio treats Shylock and other Jews poorly- spits on them, never refer to them by name ‘The Jew or devil’- no respect. Insults his business and mocks his religion • Shylock doesn’t understand why- tries to show he is no different ‘warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer…’ Angry at Antonio for this • ‘Mislike me not for my complexion’- morocco- doesn't want Portia to judge him • Jessica feels embarrassed by fathers religion and hates being jewish
4 Money
4.1 • Bassanio- lied to Portia to create a rich persona- still loves him when discovers. In debt to Antonio and mainly wants to marry Portia for her money • Jessica’s theft- steals money from Shylock to run away- shylock is very angry about it • Judge- stole Shylocks money and made him Christian • Antonia- ships carry his money, borrows money from shylock for Bassanio, looses money when he thinks his ships sink • The bond- “Let the forfeit be nominated for an equal pound of your flesh’- results in shylock loosing all his money and the court scene • Shylock- money lender (merchant), lends 3000 ducats to Shylock, ‘thrift [profit] is blessing’
5 Justice vs Mercy
5.1 • Central theme is the right, proper and fair treatment of individuals. Court scene • Portia asks Shylock to have mercy on Antonio and the other way round so in the end both live and when he doesn’t act mercifully she tries to put all the justice on him • Shylock receives mercy from Antonio but Justice from the law • Portia’s fathers will • The Duke lets events follow the law and doesn’t intervene • Portia’s speech- ‘quality of mercy is not strained’ summarises that justice is most appropriate when it goes hand in hand with mercy
6 Love vs. Hate
6.1 Hate- Portia overly racist with her suitors, Christians verses Jews, Shylock hated by everyone but Tubal, Shylock hates Antonio, Portia and Antonio get revenge on Shylock in the court, Jessica hates living with Shylock
6.1.1 Christians and Jews- Jews never referred to by name, 'hath a jew have no eyes?- Shylocks anger
6.1.2 Shylock and Antonio- Antonio spits on Shlock calls him a 'cut throat dog'- sees himself as authoritative and Shylock as greedy
6.1.3 Shylock and Jessica- Jessica resents her father and when she leaves home her father 'would my daughter were dead at my foot
6.2 Love- Bassanio and Portia, Antonio and Bassanio, Salerio and Solanio and Antonio, Lorenzo and Jessica, Nerissa and Gratiano, Nerissa and Portia, Launcelot and Jessica, Launcelot and Old Gobbo
6.2.1 Antonio and Bassanio- Bassanio is willing to lose all to save Antonio- his ring etc. and Antonio is willing to take out money from Shylock to help him
6.2.2 Jessica and Lorenzo- Jessica becomes a christian to be with Lorenzo and leaves her father
6.2.3 Portia and Bassanio- Portia loves Bassanio so much that she doesn't care he borrowed money and will lend money to save Antonio
7 Comedy vs. Tragedy
7.1 Play ends happily with resolution of test of the rings and celebration of marriage o But are dark shadows cast over this such as Shylock who got ruined • Antonio is also the only main character left without anyone to marry • Portia makes witty remarks about her suitors • Morocco and Arragon buffoonish with their choosing of the caskets • When Launcelot tries to find his father in the dark • Antonio and the pound of flesh
8 Family relationships
8.1 • Jessica decides she is more strongly tied to Lorenzo than to her father • Portia and her dead father and the will • Launcelot and Old Gobbo
8.2 Fathers vs Daughters
8.2.1 • Both Portia and Jessica struggle to come to terms with the demands made of them by their fathers • Jessica is uncomfortable at home (‘our house is hell’) and is ‘ashamed’ of her father

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