Unit 5

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Unit 5

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Unit 5
  1. Grammar spotlight
    1. Past continuous
      1. Affirmative
        1. I,he ,she,it=> was+berb+ing he she living in gemanry while i was in college.
          1. you, we,they =>were +verb+ing We were taking a shower when the lights went out.
          2. negative
            1. I,he,she,it =>was + not(Wasn't )+verb+ing she whasn't tanking a shower when the lights went out.
              1. You we,they=>were+not (weren't)+verb+ing They weren't traverling by ship.
              2. Yes/no Questions
                1. I, He, she ,It=>Was +she+working + that night V.Aux. Subj. Verb+ing+...?
                  1. You, we, they-were +you+working +that night?
                  2. W questions
                    1. I ,we ,she it=>What + was+she +doing+...?
                      1. You,we,they-where +were+you+living+...?
                      2. situation in progress; may or may not have been completed;
                      3. Reading spotlight
                        1. Why You Hat work
                        2. idioms spothight
                            1. 1. Reinventing the wheell. 2.Asleep at the wheel . 3. The whells have come off.
                          1. PHRASAL VERBS
                              1. "(...) and yet sill answering emails until you fall asleep,"
                            1. BRANDS SPOTLIGHT
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