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this a mind map of computer systems

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1 The main function of a games console is to play games online with your friends. The average cost of a games console is £250-£350, they can be found in stores like argos, game, Tesco, asda, cex and many more they can also be found online from the same stores.
2 The main function of a smart phone is for you to call and message your friends and family but on your smart phone you can download apps to make it easier to access and use them and games for you to play , your smart phone also allows you to take pictures of what you want. The average cost of a good smart phone is £100-£500 and you can get them from cex , asda , Tesco , carphone warehouse , EE , O2 and many more you can also buy phones online and get them delivered to your house .
3 The main function of a desktop is for you to access the internet and use it for work purposes as it helps you out with a lot. For a good desktop it would cost around £1000-£10,000. They can be found mainly online but you can go in some stores like currys , PC world.
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