Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Impacts of ICT on Customer Service

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Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Impacts of ICT on Customer Service
1 Advantages
1.1 Customers
1.1.1 Needs/Questions can be addressed on instant chats/forums/email
1.1.2 Can send products back using info provided on websites
1.1.3 Easy to access/contact business
1.1.4 Can order goods and services from home
1.2 Business
1.2.1 Clubcards or other membership cards mean that more market research can be done
1.2.2 Good reviews can be left online which will improve the business' reputation
1.2.3 Could be a cheaper way of selling goods or services
1.2.4 Can distribute worldwide
2 Disadvantages
2.1 Customer
2.1.1 Website could be out of date
2.1.2 Not face-to-face communication, which could cause communication issues, such as bad service
2.1.3 Must have access to a computer device
2.1.4 Goods or services cannot be tried before buying
2.2 Business
2.2.1 Customers could leave bad reviews online which could ruin business' reputation
2.2.2 Websites need constant updating
2.2.3 Communication or transport issues
2.2.4 Must respond quickly to consumer contact or risk losing them
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