Adverbs Of Frequency

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To know each adverb and its percentaje

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Adverbs Of Frequency
1 What is it?- We use them to express how often or not things happen.
1.1 Grammar in use: In terms of structure, these adverbs can work in very different ways, so you can add them after subject or before.
2 Always (100%) It means you do this every day.
2.1 I Always go out with my friend
3 Almost Always (95%) It means you do this very often.
3.1 I almost always have breakfast at school
4 Usually (80%) It means you normally do this.
4.1 I usually read a book at night
5 Sometimes (50%) It means you do this occassionaly
5.1 I sometimes drink wine
6 Rarely (20%) It means you do not do this frequently maybe twice a year
6.1 I rarely do not go to school
7 Hardly ever (10%) It means you almost never do this
7.1 I hardly ever do sports
8 Never (0%) It means you do not like this
8.1 I never dress-up
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Adverbs of Frequency
Adverbs of Frequency
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