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Excel Spreadsheet
1 Home
1.1 Font
1.1.1 basic typing
1.1.2 type in numbers and letters
1.1.3 change the layout of cells
1.1.4 edit text
1.2 alignment
1.2.1 edit the position of text or unmbers in cell
1.3 number
1.3.1 change the format of numbers currency general percentage
1.4 Editing
1.4.1 edit the cells format use a function to change the cells properties Fill- continue with a set pattern for multiple cells find and search clear- delete everything in that cell
2 Insert
2.1 Tables
2.1.1 add tables to make work look professional and to add clarity to work as it will be easier to use
2.2 illistartions
2.2.1 charts are used to add a clear final presentation of the data used in spreadsheet bar charts, line charts, pie charts , scatter charts.
2.2.2 add pictures and logos to spreadsheet
2.3 Links
2.3.1 use hyper links to link your spreadsheets to other attachments which make it easier than searching up the website or finding the attachment
2.3.2 saves space on your spreadsheet
3 Page Layout
3.1 Pre defined Themes and formatting tool bars
3.1.1 can add different effects looks prettier
3.1.2 use different fonts
3.1.3 different colours
3.2 page setup
3.2.1 different size margins to fit your size of spreadhsheet whilst keeping it clean
3.2.2 change the options for your spreadsheet change the background
3.2.3 Print have different options on how to print your work such as in different sections
4 Formulas
4.2 =SUM
4.6 Autosum
4.7 use suitable formulas for different purposes
4.8 data with functions in automatically update when data is chanhed
5 Data
5.1 import
5.1.1 import data to create specific spreadsheets by using different functions
5.2 export
5.2.1 use data from spreadsheet and other sources and create new spreadsheets from this
5.2.2 use web to search up sources
6 Operating systems providers
6.1 microsoft excel
6.2 numbers (apple)
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