Meaning Of Life is.....


Meaning of life, philosophy and religous studies
Harry Bradstreet
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Harry Bradstreet
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Meaning Of Life is.....
  1. There isn't one or its subjective (whatever you think it is)
    1. The only meaning is survival (to continue the human race)
      1. To live it to the fullest
        1. Education/Thinking
          1. owning things
            1. Adventuring/exploring new things
              1. Doing what makes you happy
              2. Jeremy Bentham
                1. Humans seek pleasure + avoid pain. What is good is to behave in a way where you maximise pleasure and minimise pain
                  1. Do not harm and maybe help others
                    1. Buddhism ( Ahimsa )
                2. Worship God/ please God/ glorify God
                  1. Earn your place in heaven
                  2. Thomas Aquinas
                    1. Natural Law - Ethical theory (gives you guidance on how to behave well)
                      1. The meaning of life is to fulfil the primary precepts (5 Themes of the bible)
                        1. Live in society
                          1. Reproduce
                            1. Educate children
                              1. Preserve the self & the innocent
                                1. Worship God
                            2. Flourish
                              1. Aristotle
                                1. Greek guy (Greeks created philiosphy)
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