The Role of Conscience as a guide in Making Moral Decisions

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The Role of Conscience as a guide in Making Moral Decisions
1 Why Christians think they should always follow their Conscience
1.1 Christians believe that God speaks to us like a little voice in our heads
1.1.1 They believe god is telling them what they should or shouldn't do.One of the people that believed this was Cardinal Newman, he believed that our conscience was God giving us moral direction and that the conscience detects the truth but in the end it is individual that decides what God is guiding them towards.
1.2 The church believe Christians should follow their conscience as if it is the voice of God.
1.2.1 Christians are expected to follow the teachings of the Church and the Catechism of the Catholic Church states that anyone who does not follow there conscience is condemning themselves
1.3 St Paul and St Thomas Aquinas taught Christians to use there conscience as the final part of decision making
1.3.1 They also added this to the reason the power to think and make judgments this is when we have to decide whether something is good or bad
1.4 The teachings of the Bible and the Church do not come directly from God.
1.4.1 The Bible has been translated and the teachings of the Church have come from the Pope, ministers, bishops etc. Unlike your conscience which is God speaking directly to you and should therefore be followed.
2 Why some Christians think they should not follow their conscience
2.1 You can be mistaken by the voice of God, so you can be mistaken by your conscience
2.1.1 An example of being mistaken by the Voice of God wad the Yorkshire Ripper, he killed prostitutes because he claimed the voice of God told him to.
2.2 Christians should follow the teachings of the Bible
2.2.1 If you follw the teachings of the Bible you are what all other Chrstians think is the Christian thing to do
2.3 Christians should follow the teachings of the Church
2.3.1 if you are following the teachings of the church you are also doing what others think is right
2.4 If everyone follwed there conscience the world would be chaotic
2.4.1 if everyone follwed their conscience it would be chaotic because the world needs set rules and laws to stay in order, this is why we need the teaching of the Church and Bible
3 Key
3.1 Explanation
3.2 Point
3.3 Point
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