12-2: DNA Replication and Chromosomes

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12-2 of Biology Textbook (prentice hall)

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12-2: DNA Replication and Chromosomes
1 Chromosomal Structure
1.1 Chromatin: substance, tightly packed DNA and proteins
1.1.1 Proteins are called "histones"
1.2 Nucleosome: bead-like structure, DNA and histone
1.2.1 Nucleosomes have some DNA and histones
2 DNA Replication
2.1 occurs in many places, proceeds in both directions until DNA is completely copied
2.2 complementary strands: strands that can be used for production of other strands
2.3 DNA molecule separates, produces two new complementary strands following rules of base-paring
2.4 DNA Polymerase: enzyme used in replication
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