Applied Eccesiology Project

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Eccesiology - Week 5 - Outline Assignment

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Applied Eccesiology Project
1 1. Name both strengths and barriers in the congregation for eschatological embodiment of the Kingdom in your particular place (as you are coming to see them), substantiating this naming process with the words of congregants and your participant observation experiences.
1.1 Church is a place of worship
1.2 Church is not a physical building
1.3 Church is the people of God
1.4 Church is relationships
2 2. Speak to the pastoral processes of leading this particular congregation in this direction.
2.1 Listen
2.2 Plan
2.3 Speak to the mission
2.4 Lead by example
3 3. Paint a compelling picture to energize the congregation using eschatological imagination (use language and methods of the poet). This part of the paper may be submitted as or accompanied by some type of media presentation, sermon, or other creative presentation.
3.1 Applicable Image
3.2 Song: The Love of God.
3.3 Applicable Craft/Painting, etc.
3.4 Video
4 4. How does the Story of God interact with what you are hearing from the congregation and in the neighborhood? What biblical and theological themes really address where the congregation finds itself right now?
4.1 The love of God
4.2 Helping others
4.3 For the world, not of the world
4.4 Great Commission
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