Personal Responsibilities

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RE Ethics GCSE mind map on Personal Responsibilities

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Personal Responsibilities
1 Drugs
1.1 Effects
1.1.1 Individual Dependancy Physical Addiction Harmful Health Effects
1.1.2 Social Smoking 6.3 million deaths in 50 years 120,000 people die a year Cost NHS £1.7 billion Alcohol Costs NHS £217 million one year Drugs Cause crime
1.1.3 Family Drunken behavoiur Violence Neglect Children Stealing money Passive smoking Unborn baby at risk
1.2 Why?
1.2.1 Experimentation
1.2.2 Recreation
1.2.3 Dependent
1.2.4 Illness
1.3 Christian beliefs
1.3.1 "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit"
1.3.2 Eucharistic Wine Last Supper
1.3.3 Called to be filled with the Holy Spirit and love not intoxicants and harmful substances
1.4 More people harmed by tobacco and alcohol than illegal drugs
1.5 Different Types of Drugs
1.5.1 Stimulants Reduce fatigue, lift mood Tobacco, Caffeine, Anabolic Steriods
1.5.2 Depressants Promote relaxation Solvents, Alcohol
1.5.3 Analgesics Painkillers Heroin, Opium
1.5.4 Hallucinogens Enhance mood LSD, Ecstasy, Cannabis
2 Contraception
2.1 Different forms
2.1.1 Artificial Contraception Condoms The contraceptive pill
2.1.2 Emergency Contraception The morning after pill
2.1.3 Natural Contraception Promoted by Roman Catholic Church Rhythm method Making love when a woman cannot conceive according to her menstrual cycle
2.2 The artificial and chemical methods to prevent a pregnancy from taking place
2.3 The Bible and Contraception
2.3.1 "Be fruitful and increase in number" Gen 1:28
2.3.2 "God made humans in his image..." Gen 1:27
2.4 Prevents over population
2.5 Christian Responses
2.5.1 Approval Church of England Morally acceptable to have sex for reasons other than having children
2.5.2 Opposition to Artificial Contraception Roman Catholics Sex should be open to making new life
2.5.3 Opposition to Emergency Contraception Sanctity of Life Termination of possible human life
3 Chastity
3.1 Sexual Purity
3.1.1 Not having sex before marriage
3.2 Sex outside marraige
3.2.1 Sex between people who are not married to each other
3.2.2 Adultery, premarital sex, casual sex
3.3 "Do not commit adultery" Ten Commandments
3.4 "Neither the sexually immoral... will inherit the Kingdom of God" 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
4 Sexuality
4.1 Homosexual
4.1.1 Attraction to a person of the same sex
4.2 Heterosexual
4.2.1 Attraction to a person of the opposite sex
4.3 Age of consent
4.3.1 16
4.3.2 Legal age for sex to be treated as an agreement
4.4 Christian Views
4.4.1 Sex is part of the commitment a couple make to one another when they marry
4.5 Modern World
4.5.1 People feel freer to have sex outside of marriage due to availability contraception
4.5.2 Infidelity is wrong
4.6 Christian Responses to Heterosexuality
4.6.1 Part of God's plan
4.6.2 Gen 1-2
4.6.3 Jesus' miracle at the wedding Water into wine
4.6.4 Intended way for life to be brought into the world Mother and father to provide different gifts and talents for raising a child
4.6.5 Loving, faithful and committed relationship
4.6.6 Complement one another and make for good partnership
4.7 Christian Responses to Homosexuality
4.7.1 Goes against God's plan for humanity God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
4.7.2 Roman Catholic Church Remain celibate Homosexual sex is wrong Cannot produce children Pope Francis
4.7.3 Church of England Welcomes gay and lesbian Christians to the Church Strength of the love and commitment Gen 1:27
4.7.4 Gift of creative variety Loving, faithful and committed homosexual relationships are just as holy as heterosexual ones
4.7.5 "If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable..." Leviticus 20:13
4.7.6 "Men committed indecent acts with other men, and receive in themselves their due penalty for their perversion" Romans 1:27
4.7.7 Evangelical Christians Strongly opposed Believe homosexuals can be changed by prayer "No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that" Leviticus 18:22 Undermines the family "Neither the sexually immoral... nor the homosexual offenders will inherit the Kingdom of God" 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Homosexual couples cannot have a child through natural means
4.7.8 Other Protestants Religion is a spiritual issue Jesus taught that love matters most Same-sex relationships were admired David and Jonathan Ruth and Naomi
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