"In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing."

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"In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing."
  1. Unpacking the statement
    1. The network of ways of knowing - produces this knowledge by using different ways of knowing that together interact and produce the ultimate knowledge
      1. Each area of knowledge- all of the AOKs use the network of WOKs
        1. Part of the knowledge framework- METHODOLOGY
          1. gaining knowledge- acquiring knowledge in AOKs using different ways of knowing
          2. Knowledge questions
            1. How are the WOKs cooperating with each other when producing knowledge in different AOKs?
              1. Is any of the WOK (or WOKs) favoured in producing knowledge in particular AOK than the other WOKs?
                1. If so, why?
                2. How does the knowledge produced help us evaluate the WOKs that produced that knowledge?
                3. Thesis statement
                  1. It is crucial in the production of knowledge to use different ways of knowing so that the knowledge produced is as holistic and accurate as possible, leading to applications, but sometimes the ways of knowing might not interact to the same extent when producing knowledge. This might be dependent on the area of knowledge and what is considered the “best” in terms of credibility and reliability for that area of knowledge.
                  2. Natural Sceinces
                    1. Methodology
                      1. Scientific method
                        1. hypothesis
                          1. Imagination, intuition
                            1. Being tested and revised all the time
                            2. reason
                              1. logic, interpreting the results and arriving at a conclusion
                              2. Observing the real world-sense perception
                              3. WOKs working as networks
                              4. The interaction of the WOKs
                                1. Evolution by Darwin, based on observation and later supported by reason in DNA sequencing
                                2. Counterclaim
                                  1. Knowledge about atomic structure/models in Chemistry
                                    1. The orbitals cannot be observed, we can only imagine them, or feel them with intuition
                                      1. The Rutherford's model
                                        1. Not known to mankind yet
                                    2. Reason as favoured WOK
                                      1. Models- imagination and intuition-better understanding fro students of Organic Chmeistry
                                        1. counterclaim
                                          1. Different learning types of people
                                            1. Simplifying calculations in Math
                                              1. Intuition and Imagination
                                        2. Language- evaluation of knowledge
                                          1. Important as a universal communiation tool- IUPAC nomeclature system in Chemistry
                                            1. Problems- "Acid Rain"- what most people think is actually not associated with it
                                            2. Pseudo-science
                                              1. The knowledge produced here can not be tested and "proved"
                                                1. Not as reliable as the real science that is based on the scientific method
                                            3. Reason- big wave surfing
                                              1. Calculating the angle of dropping in can be applied to surfing and eliminate dangers and deaths
                                            4. Indigenous Knowledge Systems
                                              1. Methodology
                                                1. Purpose of the indigenous knowledge
                                                  1. Survival
                                                    1. Yanomani tribes from the Amazon Rainforest
                                                      1. Amazon Rain Forest
                                                        1. interaction of the WOKs
                                                          1. Sense Perception-observation
                                                            1. Balance and harmony
                                                              1. Interaction with nature
                                                                1. Observing to learn about the environment and the placement of one in that environment
                                                                  1. Counterclaim- it might not explain the causes of the knowledge, the WHYs
                                                                    1. Example
                                                        2. Sense Perception
                                                          1. Empirical value of knowledge
                                                            1. Counterclaims
                                                              1. People with sense perception disabilies
                                                            2. Faith and intuition
                                                              1. Belief in bigger powers
                                                                1. Counterclaim
                                                                  1. Faith in spiritual healers
                                                                    1. Westernization
                                                                      1. Faith is lost as well as knowledge that is produced
                                                              2. Evaluation of the knowledge produced
                                                                1. Loss of culture through the loss of language
                                                                  1. Less and less people speak it
                                                                    1. Sense of identity lost
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