Compass and Torch Themes

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GCSE English Literature (Compass and Torch) Mind Map on Compass and Torch Themes, created by Kajal Patel on 12/06/2013.

Kajal Patel
Created by Kajal Patel almost 6 years ago
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Compass and Torch Themes
1 Divorce and Separation
1.1 long time separation causes someone to become harsh and hard from inside; still has feelings
1.1.1 "He isn't looking at the torch. He is looking away, seared by the glitter of anxiety in his little boy's eyes" [47] seems he does not care and understand feelings he knows that 'his little boy' is nervous and has 'anxiety' to know how his dad will be. he could see how much the little boy missed him and felt incomplete hence his incapability to fulfil his little boy's wishes and live up to his expectations is burning him, leaves him 'seared' shows that he is weak from inside and can't face this situation perhaps that is why he is looking away
1.2 separation forces child to mature early
1.2.1 " It's OK, the boy decides, that his dad hasn't looked at the torch, hasn't studied or handled it like Jim" [ 50] his recomparison with Jim's 'kindness' shows his wish for such a caring father he wants to feel the care and understanding however as he is not getting it, he is always ignoring the bad quality shows he understands dad's situation develops hope of reuniting shows how he is being forced to mature This kind of understanding not expected from eight year old
1.3 Separation lays a child under pressure and they often don't enjoy their childhood
1.3.1 "her eyes were bulging and wobbly with tears, and he thought he couldn't bear this: that this moment which he had looked forward to, longed for, as his moment of joy, was a moment of sadness for her." "this moment which he had looked forward to, longed for" shows how desperate he is for this moment and so much willing to live it but mom's 'wobbly eyes' are holding him back he is feeling sympathy and disloyal to her her decisions influence his "he couldn't bear this" he wants to do both but pressure of not being disloyal to either Hence he is having to sacrifice his wishes for happiness of other
1.4 It is equally hard and painful for parents to grow up children and manage relationships after divorce
1.4.1 "her voice was low and light" and "There was a choke in her voice now, and suddenly a kind of snarl" [25] the check that she is getting emotional 'low and light' when it should be harsh and taunting so does not want to hurt him she still cares about him 'snarl' imagine that she is growling as if getting her anger out on him hence a snarl is to boost herself up to stop her from being weak how they have to fight their own emotions
1.4.2 "When the boy stepped into the kitchen he saw her start with alarm and shame." [27] even harder with childre she has to hide her anger in front of child maybe to keep his faith to stop him from getting demotivated and depressed always has to compromise with her own emotions
1.5 Child could be a way split parents could be brought together
1.5.1 "'Dad, hey, do you think that horse wanted something to eat?'" [153] horse symbolises mom son reminds that they should not leave mom behind as dad is weak, he might not be able to bring the relationship back but for sake of child, the two parents might have to live together as son's presence would bond parents and make it less hard for them
2 Childhood
2.1 Empathy
2.1.1 understand others 'bulging and wobbly eyes' sticking in his mind and always reminds him of her and raises questions understands that mom 'doesn't want him to go'
2.1.2 childhood is the time when they are centred between their own and other's feelings they struggle to come out of the confusion can't make the right decision hence end up influenced by others
2.2 Forgiveness and restart
2.2.1 "its OK, the boy decides that Dad didn't handle the torch like Jim" [50] understands dad's feelings hopeful that he will improve has the ability to overcome his desires ignores mistakes - forgives
2.3 Insecure
2.3.1 "Beyond the gate is the open moor, pale in the early evening with bleached end-of-summer grass, bruised here and there with heather and age-old spills of purple granite." [2] 'beyond the gate' means outside her mom's protection 'bruised' grass symbolises hurt and pain damage to represent the fear in his mind so concentrating on dad's 'calf muscles' meaning he is strong that is why undecided that 'after all he didn't want to go'
2.4 curiosity and getting closer
2.4.1 dad's quietness makes him appear weak so constantly asks questions to find links also a way to engage dad make it easier for dad to talk
2.5 Finding joy in every small thing than regretting
2.5.1 " The man says with robust authority: 'It's an all-weather mountain tent. Two-man.' [86] ignores fathers irritation 'robust authority' find joy in the fact that he will be with his father jot that dad sees him as capable 'man' it is 'all weather' meaning they will fight all problems
3 Fear of Loss
3.1 Mom fears losing son
3.1.1 fears as it is the only relationship "accommodating his child into his life?" [26] she is aware and afraid that dad is trying to come closer to her son by phrasing it with a question tag, she is trying to be dominating "you wouldn't expect him to start now, would you?" [25] make him feel subordinate, so that he does not dare to do it at the same time trying to consolidate herself that he 'wouldn't do' it.
3.1.2 at the same time very cleverly hides it "he saw her start with alarm and shame" does not want to show this dominance to son because she fears he will hate him for being rude hence her careful way of handling it shows she fears losing his faith and trust
3.2 Dad fears losing son
3.2.1 "he could only half-listen to his child's earnest desperate voice" he is already feeling as is his child's voice is fading away could also means that he cannot listen to the depth of his heart and feelings this is causing the fear of hurting him as he can't understand
3.3 Son fears losing mom
3.3.1 "the light seeping through her fuzzy hair made the bones of his shoulder ache" [30] the light seeping through the 'fuzzy hair' creates the image of fading figure as if she is moving away from him this thought and feeling is causing him pain 'fuzzy hair' also makes her seem distorted which links to the idea of compass and orientation she is disorientated meaning she does not know which way their relationship will go this state of mind and lack of assurance makes the boy feel insecure
3.4 Son fears losing dad
3.4.1 every action of dad raises questions and fear into his mind "does this make one of the torches redundant?"" as if implying whether one will not be able to light up and find the way hence if one of them can't find way, their relationships won't work
4 Insecurity
4.1 on his own
4.1.1 "unsettled by his subtle nervy hurry" he can see how dad is avoiding him feeling on his own shows his weakness 'subtle' can't protect him
4.2 unsuccessful relations
4.2.1 "Does that make one of the torches redundant?" torches illuminate and show way one of the torches not used; meaning one person does not find the way without both of them playing their role, they can't walk on the same path
4.3 he is weak
4.3.1 "The boy's eyes are suddenly wide with fear and dismay: not with the notion that they'll get lost, but because of the way the man's shoulders slumped and the tent in his hand dropped back onto the boot floor. " moreover dad may lose his self confidence and not lead the situation become weak and not be able to protect him won't be able to find the way without compass he will be lost-no relations unsuccessful relations with dad away from his mother. lose her
4.4 unsure about expendition
4.4.1 "Beyond the gate is the open moor, pale in the early evening with bleached end-of-summer grass, bruised here and there" [2] 'beyond the gate' shows outside mom's protection 'bruised' grass symbolise pain and damage damage shows fear of unsafe so reassures dad is strong by watching 'calf muscles'
4.5 relationship with mom
4.5.1 "The light seeping through her fuzzy hair made the bones of his shoulders ache." [30] 'fuzzy hair' shows she is distorted links to the idea of being disorientated furthermore links to compass showing orientation and way meaning she does not know which way their relationship goes unsure future of relationship makes it painful and insecure the light seeping through creates a fading figure as if she is moving away pain and fear of insecure without protection

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