architectural design


Hardcore Software Engineering Mind Map on architectural design, created by Nurul Aiman Abdu on 12/18/2015.
Nurul Aiman Abdu
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Nurul Aiman Abdu
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architectural design
  1. software architecture
    1. output design
      1. architectural design
        1. process for identifying subsystem-making up
          1. framework for subsystem-communication,control
            1. 1) early stage of process, 2) link bet. specification & design process 3) identifying a major sys components
          2. architectural abstration
            1. architectural in the small
              1. ind. program
              2. architectural in the large
                1. complex enterprise system
              3. use of architectural models
                1. for documenting
                  1. facilitating discussion
                  2. adv. of explicit architecture
                    1. stakeholder communication-discussion
                      1. system analysis-analysis for non func requirements
                        1. large scale use-reusable
                      2. architectural & system characteristics
                        1. safety,security,performance,maintainability,availability
                        2. view model
                          1. logical view-key abstraction as a obj
                            1. process view-interacting process
                              1. dev view-decomposed for dev
                                1. physical view-system hardware
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