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Learning objectives covered for the Introductory section of Module 1

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1 Define anatomy
1.1 Structure
2 Define physiology
2.1 Function
3 Levels of human structure (simple to complex)
3.1 Chemical
3.1.1 Cellular Tissue Organ Organ systems Organismal (the human)
4 Directional terms
4.1 Superior - above another part
4.2 Inferior - below another part
4.3 Anterior (ventral) - toward the front
4.4 Posterior (dorsal) - toward the back
4.5 Medial - closer to imaginary midline of body
4.6 Lateral - toward outer edge of body
4.7 Proximal - closer to the attachment to body
4.8 Distal - further away from attachment to body
5 Planes of body
5.1 Sagittal
5.1.1 Vertical plane, divides body into right & left parts Off centre = Parasagittal
5.2 Transverse
5.2.1 Horizontal, divides body into superior & inferior parts Can exist @ any level from head to toe Also known as 'horizontal plane' or 'cross section'
5.3 Frontal
5.3.1 Vertical plane, divides body into anterior & posterior parts Also called 'coronal plane' Frontal plane = front & back
6 Body cavities & contents
6.1 Ventral
6.1.1 Thoracic cavity Pleural cavities Two lateral, each envelope a lung Mediastinum Contains pericardium which encloses the heart Surrounds remaining thoracic organs, incl. thymus gland Separated from lower cavities by diaphragm
6.1.2 Abdominal cavity Houses main portion of digestive system Contains liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestine, kidneys, adrenal glands
6.1.3 Pelvic cavity Contains reproductive system & bladder No partition from abdominal cavity, lower cavities sometimes referred to together as 'abdominopelvic cavity'
6.2 Dorsal
6.2.1 Cranial cavity Encases brain Spinal & cranial cavity continuous with one another
6.2.2 Vertebral/spinal cavity Runs within vertebral column, encloses spinal cord
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