A Streetcar Named Desire: Themes

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A Streetcar Named Desire: Themes
1 Worlds
1.1 Old
1.1.1 Plantations, slavery/inequality
1.1.2 Poetry, literature and music
1.1.3 Decay and Death Houses are white-framed, weathered and grey
1.1.4 Cavaliers and cotton fields
1.1.5 Elysian Fields and New Orleans
1.2 New
1.2.1 Industrial, cosmopolitan Streetcar: driving force through play
1.2.2 American Dream: opportunities for all New Orleans
1.2.3 Stanley and Stella
2 Death
2.1 Blanche
2.1.1 Obsessive thoughts Dreams of being "buried at sea sewn up in a white sack" 85 Assertion of sexuality to younger men in the hope to avoid ageing and relive girlhood Death of family members "I,I took the blows in my face and body! All of those deaths! The long parade to the graveyard!"
2.1.2 Suicide of young husband
2.1.3 Reminders Inscription on Mitch cigarette case/Mexican florist
2.2 Cemetries
2.2.1 Blanche: "They told me to take a streetcar named Desire, and then transfer to one called Cemeteries and ride six blocks and get off at-Elysian Fields"
3 Survival of the Fittest
3.1 Stanley represents brute animal force
3.1.1 Stanley Unrefined manhood Primitive Carries bowling jacket and red-stained package from Butcher
3.1.2 "Animal joy in his being is implicit in his movements and attitudes"
3.2 Stella
3.2.1 Survives by mixing DuBois blood with common stock of Kowalski Old south can only live on in a diluted bastardised form
3.3 Blanche
3.3.1 Madness "I can't be alone!"1 Tries to resolve loneliness in sexual affairs with strangers
4 Conflict
4.1 Romance vs. Realism
4.1.1 Blanche cannot tolerate bond between Stella and Stanley Blanche is romantic vs. Stanley the realist Blanche wants realism not magic: seeks to manipulate reality until it is what she wants it to be
4.2 Fantasy and Illusion
4.2.1 Blanche Dwells in illusion, fantasy is her primary means of self defence Fantasy protects her from tragedies she has to endure "A women's charm is 50% illusion" SC2
4.3 Desire vs. Fate
4.3.1 Desire caused Blanche to be driven out of old world/life Desire also Blanche's undoing-cant find a way of dealing with natural urges
4.3.2 Physical Desire at heart of Stella and Stanley relationship
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