Irenaean Theodicy

Grace Bovaird
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Grace Bovaird
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Mind Map on Irenaean Theodicy, created by Grace Bovaird on 12/23/2015.

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Irenaean Theodicy
1 If we did not suffer we would never learn from our mistakes and mature as individuals. We'd remain like children forever with God being the parent clearing up our mess after us all the time.
2 It gives suffering a purpose. It means we can realise at a deeper level what happiness is if we have something to compare it to
3 Sometimes there is nothing to learn from suffering and no spiritual growth to make e.g. victims of rape. They did nothing wrong in the first place so what do they learn and grow from their horrific experience?
4 Suffering often leads to people becoming weaker rather than stronger e.g. some self-harm, become dependant on drink and drugs or in extreme circumstances even take their own lives
5 It removes the idea of original sin. We are not blamed for suffering. It is simply part of the process that allows us to grow spiritually
6 Irenaeus suggested that everyone would go to heaven but this contradicts the scriptures of most world religions
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