Transport in Plants

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Pooja G
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IGCSE Biology Mind Map on Transport in Plants, created by Pooja G on 12/27/2015.

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Transport in Plants
  1. Vascular Bundle
    1. xylem
      1. hollow, dead cells
        1. joined end-to-end
        2. long, open tube
          1. carry water from root to stems/leaves
            1. no cytoplasm + nucleus
              1. cellulose + lignin walls
                1. lignin is strong; keeps plant upright
                  1. lignified xylem is found in wood
              2. phloem
                1. carries sucrose + amino acids from leaves to roots/flowers/etc.
                  1. cells joined end-to-end
                2. plants have a branching shape; large surface area
                  1. easier diffusion of carbon dioxide
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