Quantifying Environmental Impacts

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Quantifying Environmental Impacts
1 We need to do more for the environment, using less resources
2 Ecological Footprint
2.1 A simple concept that is easy to work out - promoting individual responsibitly
2.2 Does not account for resource depletion, uneven resource distribution, increasing population or industrial impact
3 Carbon Footprint
3.1 An open bracket term meaning and working the same as ecological impact but also embodies green house gas emissions
4 Green House Gas Emissions
4.1 A Greenhouse gas is a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation
4.2 Water Vapour is the highest contributor to the greenhouse gas effect at roughly 36 - 72%, with carbon dioxide in second at 9 - 26%
4.3 Global Warming potential is a unit that is known for each gas, and can be converted to carbon dioxide equivalent for easy comparison
5 Sustainablilty Reporting
5.1 From 2013, UK requires reporting of GHG emissions by LSE-listed companies
5.2 Allows greater transparency via single, consistent standard and provides information enabling companies to reduce long term costs, including energy
6 Life Cycle Assessment
6.1 Goal is to assess impacts associated with the production, distribution, use, and disposal of a product
6.2 Determine objective of study - Define system boundaries - Develop flowchart - Select appropriate functional unit - Select impact categories - Select level of detail - Complete life cycle inventory - Interpret results
6.3 Embodied resources - the idea of having embodied energy, embodied carbon and embodied water within processes, products and materials stems from LCA
6.4 Can take a very long time and can be both complex and costly - the lifecycle flowchart helps more quickly determine envirnmental impact at a more basic level
7 Global Climate Initiatives
7.1 1997 Kyoto agreement - international envirnmental treaty with the goal of stabilization of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at a level deemed safer than current levels - didn't wotk out too well
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