Representation in Media

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Representation in Media
1 Male Representation


  • Male boybands, such as One Direction, use different techniques to appeal to their target audience, teenage girls. They do this by looking directly into the camera when they sing.They do this so that the audience feel as though they are singing to them and make the girls fall in love with the character they play on screen. They also sing the words all girls want to hear which most guys are afraid to say. This appeals to the target audience. Also in their music videos they treat their female actresses properly which every teenage girl wants to be treated.  
  • Some male singers, such as 50 Cent, use women dressed in provocative clothing in their video which uses more of a male gaze appealling more to the male audience. However, as his genre of music is R'n'B, this is a convention of this genre so it could still be considered as a female target audience. In some of his music videos, he is topless showing off all of his tattoos and muscles, this appeals to the female audience. However, there are artists like Olly Murs who approaches appealing to his target audience differently as he is in the genre of pop. He sings directly into the camera as though he is singing directly to his audience, so we feel it is just us and him. He includes the audience. He also incoporates some dance moves into his videos to make them more enjoyable. He also wears tight trousers to appeal to his female audience.
2 Key Words


  • Semiotics- signs Denotation- what is seen Connotation- what is behind or suggested by the image Discourse- underlaying meaning Mise En Scene- what is in the frame Anchorage- the way the image attatches meaning  
3 Female Representation


  • Fragile Soft Fragrant Women are typically represented as a damsel in distress. however there are sometimes representations which challenege this stereotype.
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