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English literature (characters of mice and men) Mind Map on George, created by kat1jj on 04/10/2013.

Created by kat1jj over 6 years ago
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1 loyal to lennie
1.1 keeps him out of trouble
2 often says he'd be better off alone
2.1 "if i was alone i could live so easy"
3 sympathy. tells george off for his own good.
4 hero
5 agressive
5.1 defensive of his american dream
6 good reader of people
6.1 knew to avoid curley
6.2 see's curleys wife as "poison"
6.3 quickly trusts slim
7 dream keeps him going
8 at the end george is free, like he wanted to be in chapter one, but it is clear that he will be lonely without lennie

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