10 step Strategic Planning Process

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Source: John M. Bryson Strategic Planning for public and nonprofit organizations

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10 step Strategic Planning Process


  • Strategic planning focuses on achieving fit between an organization and its environment
1 1. Initiate and agree
1.1 Purpose effort
1.2 Preferred steps
1.3 Form & timing
1.4 Role & functions
1.5 Commitment of resources
2 2. Identify org mandates
3 3. Clarify org mission and values
3.1 Stakeholder analysis!
4 4. Assess org external & internal environment
4.1 External: threats and opportunities
4.1.1 Attention for stakeholders!
4.1.2 Identify key success factors
4.2 Internal: strengths and weaknesses
4.2.1 Resources (inputs)
4.2.2 Present strategy (process)
4.2.3 Performance (outputs) Criteria for measurement?
4.2.4 Philosophy, core values, distinctive competencies and culture!
5 5. Identify strategic issues
5.1 Describe issue succinctly, preferably in 1 paragraph
5.2 List the factors that make issue a fundamental challenge
5.3 Prepare statement of the consequences of failing to address the issue
6 6. Formulate strategy and plans to manage the issue(s)
6.1 Identify practical alternatives and dreams and visions for resolving strategic issues
6.2 Enumerate barriers to achieving
6.3 Proposals for achieving the alternatives etc by overcoming the barriers
6.4 Actions over 2-3 years
6.5 Detailed work program for next 6-12 months
7 7. Review and adopt strategies and plan including approval
8 8. Establish effective org vision
8.1 = vision of success
9 9. Develop effective implementation process
9.1 Implementation roles and responsibilities
9.2 Specific objectives and expected results and milestones
9.3 Specific action steps and relevant details
9.4 Schedules
9.5 Resource requirements and sources
9.6 Communication process
9.7 Review, monitoring, and midcourse correction procedures
9.8 Accountability procedures
10 10. Reassess strategies and strategic planning process
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