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Our World
1 What makes us human? Bodies – that grow and help us move. Minds – to think and decide. Emotions – make us react. Personalities – make us unique or different from others. Experience and influences – affect the kind of people we are and the decisions we make.
2 Big bang Scientific explanation for creation. Universe began with a big bang and is still expanding. As the gases cooled they formed together. Big bang is a theory; some religious people are prepared to accept the Big Bang but believe God caused it.
3 Why are we different from animals? Humanity – compassion, caring for others. 2. Intelligence – ability to think and reflect. 3. Morality – a sense of right and wrong. 4. Language – the ability to read and write languages. 5. Soul – spiritual part of humans that allows us to relate to God. (Hindus believe animals have souls too).
4 Theory of Evolution 1. Scientific theory about creation of life. 2. Everything changes and adapts to its environment. 3. God did not make creation. 4. Humans are not special – not in God’s image. 5. Some religious people believe in evolution. It was how God created people.
5 Christian Creation God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. This is written in the Bible – (book of Genesis). God made everything out of nothing; ex-nihilo. Literal view – it happened exactly as the Bible says. Non-literal view – it is not a full explanation of how it all happened. Key points – God created everything, it was perfect, human beings have spoilt it.
6 Christian: looking after creation 1. Should care for the environment because: a. It is God’s creation, so it is holy and precious. b. Adam and Eve were given dominion and were told to look after the world. c. Stewardship; it is a Christian's duty to leave the world in a better state. d. Parable of the talents; do all you can to make world a better place.
7 A Rocha 1. International Christian environmental organisation 2. Work to protect the earth e.g. educating farmers and working to save endangered species and combat climate change for example in Kenya. 3. They do it for God – showing love to Him by caring for God’s world. 4. Obedience – Adam and Eve were told to look after the world. 5. Justice – the poor suffer most because of climate change.
8 Christian teachings about Animals Most believe: Animals can be used for medical experiments and for food. Humans should not be cruel to animals and farmers should care for their animals humanely. Believe this because: God is the creator of animals as well as humans Bible says that humans should respect God’s creation Humans have dominion (authority) over animals and that brings with it responsibility
9 Muslim creation 1. One of Allah’s 99 names is Al Khaliq (The Creator) 2. Allah created everything in 6 days (he did not rest on the next day) 3. Allah created unseen beings – Jinn 4. Iblis (an angel) refused to bow down to Adam 5. Renamed Shaytan and tempted Adam and Hawa to disobey Allah.
10 Muslim beliefs about looking after creation Should care for the environment but humans come first because: a. Allah has given us the role of Khalifah - steward b. The ummah is the brotherhood of Muslims; all Muslims working together. c. Teachings of the Shari’ah are to look after creation. d. We will be judged on how well looked after the earth.
11 Muslim teachings about Animals They can be used for medical experiments and should be used for food. We shouldn’t be cruel to animals - farmers should care for animals humanely. because: God is the creator of animals and humans. The Qur’an teaches that animals have feelings and must be dedicated to God when being slaughtered. Story of Muhammad and the crying camel.
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