The Tempest

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Created by emilyelisabeth almost 6 years ago
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The Tempest
1 Characters
1.1 Miranda
1.1.1 Innocence
1.1.2 Faith in the goodness of people
1.2 Prospero
1.3 Ariel
1.4 Caliban
1.4.1 Man vs. Monster
1.5 Antonio
1.6 Ferdinand
1.7 Alonso
1.8 Sycorax
1.9 Stephano
1.10 Trinculo
2 Themes
2.1 Colonization
2.2 Revenge and Forgiveness
2.3 Power Struggle
2.4 Loyalty and Obedience
2.5 Man vs. Nature
2.6 Illusion and Magic
2.7 Loss and Restoration
3 Significant for Development
3.1 The Tempest
3.1.1 Sailors have more power than nobles, continues onto island where Prospero has more power
3.1.2 Alonso, Antonio, Ferdinand, Gonzalo, etc. wash up on island
3.1.3 Represents political upheaval
3.1.4 After the tempest, the state of disorder continues to end
3.2 Ariel's involvement with courtiers
3.2.1 Makes sure they're alive on island
3.2.2 Separates them from each other
3.2.3 Arranges meeting with Ferdinand and Miranda

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