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1 Possible age groups:
1.1 6mths - 3 yrs
1.1.1 3-6 6 and up Week long English adventure camps for kids Games, movement & music, drama & performance, speech & language development, arts & crafts, group collaboration projects, cooking, science experiments 3 day English adventure camps for families. Games, movement & music, drama & performance, speech & language development, arts & crafts, group collaboration projects, cooking
1.1.2 Day camp sessions accompanied by parents or daycare style school while parents are free to Engage in adult oriented language learning activities? Guided parent and baby play sessions. Introducing English from an early age. Music & movement, sensory activities, individual & group art
2 There should be specific daily English learning objectives for the children. This should be measurable in some way to ensure that they are understanding and retaining new language
2.1 E.g. Day 1: All children will be able to use the following sentence structures and understand and use the following vocabulary words" We would need to decide our overall objectives for children participating in the course. How do we deal with varying language abilities?
2.2 Should there also be an element of actual classroom study or more academic oriented parts of the course itinerary?
3 Themes for 6mths-3yrs: colours, textures, sounds, fast and slow, big and small
3.1 Themes for 3-6: All about me, nature, the weather, animals, colours and rainbows, food, under the sea.
3.1.1 Themes for 6 & up: The natural world, food, outer space, the beach and ocean, spies and mysteries, jobs, pirates, sports, countries of the world, superheroes.
4 I feel that slightly older children are an ideal target audience for the camp style experience. Younger children may need to be under parental supervision however this might be nice as it includes an element of family participation.
5 A treasurehunt, overnight camping experiences, nature trails, role plays, talent performances, large scale group art projects are examples of activities you could incorporate in to a course for slightly older participants
6 Could we implement a program that combines kids activities with English activities for attending parents?
6.1 At what times in the year would these sessions be run? Are weekend sessions preferable during term time? Summer/ spring/ winter vacation camps.
7 How many children would be in attendance? What's the max number we could accommodate?
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