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Week 1 Lecture and Seminar 1notes

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CONVERSATIONThe ability to clearly and effectively express ideas through writing

NEED TO DO:- Engage in a subject (something you are about, this makes it easier - Say something (look for gaps to fill- Thesis statement (outlining how question is going to be discussed)E.g. Why did Julius Caesar cross the Rubicon?==> JC crossed the Rubicon to end charges of illegal warfare and reassert his right as counsel.EXPANSION Needing to reassert his rights counsel against the senate's charge that his occupation of Gaul was against the rules of warfare, JC effectively confirmed the truth of the charge by crossing the Rubicon and invading Italy. - Your contribution matters- Point out some direction of thought for thought interested to explore the subject in the future

RESEARCH:START by reading primary text (close reading) CONTINUE by engaging with secondary sourcesELEMENTS - Week 1 lecture slides 8-11PASSIVE A verb to be and a past participle, emphasise has been do rather than who did it. am, is, are was, were was, were being has, have been

Fragments exercise 1, 2 & 3 English Grammar passive voice discussion and passive voice exercise - don't try to complete them all, there are too man

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