Invertebrate Subgroups

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GCSE Biology Mind Map on Invertebrate Subgroups, created by Jaya Sudera on 04/10/2013.

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Invertebrate Subgroups
1 Annelids
1.1 Earth worms, leeches, ragworms
1.2 Segmented body, no arms/legs, some have bristles, layer of epidermis all over body
2 Arthropods
2.1 Hard exoskeleton, jointed legs, each half of body is a mirror image to eachother, segmented body, numerous pairs of limbs
2.2 Beetles, lice, ladybirds, bees, wasps
3 Cnidarians
3.1 Tenticles, mouth facing up or down, internal sac for digestion, only one opening which is the mouth, outer layer of skin is called epidermis
3.2 Jelly fish, hydra, coral, sea anemone
4 Echinoderms
4.1 Tube feet, inhale sea water, sea water ciculates their body, 5 or more legs, usually consists of 5 equal elements
4.2 Star fish, brittle star, feather star
5 Flatworms
5.1 Simple nervous systems, suck out insides of prey, paper thin, food and waste enter and leave from same opening
5.2 Tape worms, flat worms, flukes, planaria
6 Molluscs
6.1 Slimey body, body split in two, unsegmented body, have a tooth structure to grate food (radula), can have tenticles
6.2 Slugs, snails, octopus, squid, cuttlefish
7 Arachnids
7.1 Jointed legs, can have hair, multiple amounts of legs, some have a shiney body, have eyes, teeth
7.2 Spiders, scorpians, tranchulas
8 Insects
8.1 6 legs, wings, 3 part body, grow from eggs, go through lots of stages before adulthood
8.2 Dragonflys, fly, moth, butterfly
9 Crustaceans
9.1 Hard shell on back, jointed legs, eyes of two types, exoskeleton, have gills
9.2 Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps, Barnacles
10 Myriapods
10.1 Small jointed legs, segmented body, lots of legs, thin body, hard outer layer of skin, pair of an antennae
10.2 Centipede, Millipedes, Pauropods, Symphylans
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