Com. Agriculture policy in EU

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Com. Agriculture policy in EU
1 One of the original pillar of EC
1.1 founders: BENELUX countries + ITA, DEU, FRA
2 The treaty of Rome -> principles and objectives of CAP 1958:
2.1 Increase productivity -> technical progress +optimum use of the factors of production
2.2 Fair standard of living for the community
2.3 Stabilise Market
2.4 Secure aviavility of goods and supplies
2.5 Food= good value for the money
2.6 No changes of objectives
3 "Wine Lakes" - 1980's
3.1 NO MARKET-for good produced
3.1.1 Were stored and later sale atlower global market prices
4 Was the most expensive of EU's policies
4.1 With enlargment-> lesser part of overall budget
5 To direct cost EU consumers pay approximately €50bn more in higher food cost
5.1 Payment linked to animal welfare and environmental targets.
5.1.1 Sugar regime-cuts guaranteed prices, aims to reduce overall production significantly. EU's sugar beet < Overseas
6 Since 1990's instead of productions, farmers are given direct payment
7 Today :
8 Benefits:
8.1 FRANCE- largest recipient- 20% of funds
8.1.1 2/3 goes to DEU, ITA, ESP, UK Largest per capita payments to Greece and Ireland EU farmers receive aprox. 74 % of funds
9 EU subsidising farmers and distorting markets
10 Financies:
10.1 Gross Nat. Income
10.2 Duties on Import
10.3 Taxes base
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