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1 Principle of energy conservation
1.1 "Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transferred from one place to another or changed from one form to another"
2 intro
2.1 measured in joules/kilojoules
2.2 1KJ= 1000J
2.3 energy allows work to be done
2.4 energy is always conserved
3 Transducers
3.1 energy changers
3.2 change one type of energy into another
3.3 *converts energy* total energy going in equals total energy going out
4 Efficiency
4.1 energy used compared to energy wasted
4.2 Useful energy output/ total energy input *100
4.3 higher efficiency = less wastage
4.3.1 energy efficient lightbulb
4.4 Sankey diagram (energy transfer diagram)
4.4.1 input
4.4.2 useful output
4.4.3 useful output
5 Types of energy
5.1 heat/thermal energy
5.1.1 type of energy that will flow from warm area to colder area
5.1.2 temperature is how hot or cold an object is
5.2 kinetic energy
5.2.1 type of energy that makes objects move
5.3 light energy
5.4 sound energy
5.5 chemical energy
5.5.1 energy store
5.6 electrical energy
5.7 gravitational potential
5.7.1 potential energy associated with gravitational force
5.8 elastic potential
5.8.1 energy stored in stretched objects
5.9 nuclear energy
5.9.1 splitting of uranium atoms
6 energy sources
6.1 oil
6.1.1 burning oil
6.2 gas
6.2.1 burning gas
6.3 wind
6.3.1 conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy
6.4 solar
6.4.1 uses sun energy to produce electricity
6.5 waves
6.5.1 Waves are generated by the wind as it blows across the sea surface. Energy is transferred from the wind to the waves.
6.6 nuclear
6.6.1 from uranium atoms
6.7 biomass/biofuel
6.7.1 fuel derived from plant material
6.8 geothermal
6.8.1 thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth
6.9 tidal
6.9.1 form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into useful forms of power
6.10 hydroelectric
6.10.1 energy is power made by moving water

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