Computer System

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Computer System
1 A computer is a device that can...
1.1 Receive data
1.1.1 Input hardware Keyboard Mouse Buttons
1.2 Store data
1.2.1 Primary and secondary storage
1.3 Process data
1.3.1 Using a CPU
1.4 Output data
1.4.1 Output hardware Printer Monitor
2 Importance of computer systems
2.1 Safety
2.1.1 Monitoring and controlling nuclear reactions within nuclear power stations
2.2 Travel
2.2.1 Computers aid travel vary from satellite navigation to online ticket purchases to autopilots that help to fly planes
2.3 Business
2.3.1 Many people depend on computers to transfer funds and to search for manufacturer
2.4 Education
2.4.1 Computers can aid distance learning, and help to learn in a classroom. It can also be used to administer test, and maintating the pupils' grades
2.5 Retail
2.5.1 Computers connected to barcode makes shopping faster
2.6 Entertainment
2.6.1 Hand-held devices and desktop devices allow users to play games, read books, watch movies and listen to music
2.7 Communication
2.7.1 As well as emailing, computers facilitates forums, instant messaging, social networks, teleconferencing and videoconferencing
3 Standards
3.1 Open
3.1.1 Are publicly available and flexible, and a nyone can engage with it
3.2 Proprietary
3.2.1 Standarads defined by a company, like Microsoft
3.3 Industry
3.3.1 These are formally defined sets of standards that specify how hardware or software from different developers interact
3.4 De facto
3.4.1 De facto are standars that eveolve from what happens to work well such as QWERTY keyboard
4 Considerations
4.1 Legal
4.1.1 Copyright
4.1.2 Data protection act
4.1.3 Computer misuse act
4.1.4 Health and safety
4.2 Ethical
4.2.1 Digital Divide Location Money Age
4.2.2 storing personal data
4.3 Environmental
4.3.1 E-waste ecucling
4.3.2 Less transport
4.3.3 Less paper
5 Testing
5.1 Beta
5.2 Alpha
6 Reliability
6.2 MTTF
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