structures and forces

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Created by Zoyaan almost 6 years ago
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structures and forces
1 form
1.1 Form is the basic shape of a structure.
2 function
2.1 A function is the job that the structure does.
3 forces
3.1 A force is a push or pull on a structure.
3.2 point of application
3.2.1 The force meets the structure.
3.3 plane of application
3.3.1 The side of the structure affected by the force
4 Types of Structures
4.1 Natural Structure
4.1.1 structures made by nature and not by humans. Eg.cave
4.1.2 natural
4.2 Man made structures.
4.2.1 structures influenced by human
4.2.2 soild structure solid structures are solid all the way.
4.2.3 man made
4.3 Frame structure
4.3.1 A frame is made of parts fastened together.
4.4 shell structure
4.4.1 Shell have space in them and are most strong.
4.5 combination sturcture
4.5.1 They combine shell,frame and solid structures.
5 Types of forces
5.1 External
5.1.1 Forces come from outside. Eg. wind
5.1.2 Static load The effect of gravity on a structure.
5.1.3 Dynamic load Moving load acting on a structure.
5.2 Internal
5.2.1 One part of a structure acting on another. Eg.roof on a house
5.2.2 compression force pressing on something
5.2.3 shear force pushing in opposite direction
5.2.4 tension force that stretches apart.
5.2.5 torsion force that twists.
6 Design for forces on a bridge.
7 Design a structure for loads.
8 Design a structure for safety.
9 Sensors
9.1 light sensors
9.2 temperature sensors
9.3 sound sensors
10 Interesting structures of the world: