Reducing My EF

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How to reduce your ecological footprint

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Reducing My EF
  1. 1. Changing the lights bulbs in the house from incandescent to CFL is a simple switch that doesn't drastically change your life style. CFL lights use 75 percent less energy than incandescent lights and also don't use as much wattage as incandescent lights to create the same amount of light.
    1. 2. Sparingly using the thermostat can help as well. If we only use what we need to maybe just keep the pipes from freezing, and put on a sweater in winter, or spend time outside in summer, we would reduce our energy use.
      1. 3. Close Windows and doors to make sure Thermostat temperature actually circulates around the house instead of just going ou the window.
      2. 1. Using more of public transportation reduces your EF because since public transportation allows more people to travel using the same amount of energy. it also allows oppurtunities to socialise. We can save over 1000 liters by taking public transport instead of cars.
        1. 2. Walking and biking to more places not only is better for you, but also releases no emissions which is healthy for the planet and lowers your EF
          1. 3. When i'm taking a plane trip, if it is a short flight across a state, make ita road trip instead. that way you save energy and get to spend time with friends and family.
          2. Eating More locally grown foods instead of foods from other countries save energy on transporting the food from one place to another.
            1. Eating Less Fast food can save energy on transporting foods as well.
              1. Going even just one meal a day without meat can reduce your EF because not only do you save energy on transporting the meat, you save energy since you don't have to cook or prepare it.
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