Mind Map Module 2 Assessments

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Module 2 EESL 630 Assessments

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Mind Map Module 2 Assessments
1 Traditional Assessment
1.1 Limited, forced, predetermined choices for students
1.2 Teacher Structured
1.3 Indirect evidence of learning
1.4 Limits individuals ability to demonstrate strengths and weaknesses
1.5 Curriculum drives assessment
2 Authentic Assessment
2.1 Students make choices
2.2 Student structured
2.3 Direct evidence of learning
2.4 Allows students to demonstrate individualism, strengths, and weaknesses
2.5 Assessment drives curriculum
3 Steps to Authentic Assessing
3.1 Standards
3.1.1 Authentic Asessment Criteria Rubric Guide to determine if criteria was met Benchmark, Adjust instruction if needed Determine desired outcome Share criteria/expectations with students Select task/tasks to be performed by students Real life experiences and application
3.1.2 reflect, review, write Common Core, Grade Level, WIDA, TESOL Standards
4 Identifying Emergent Bilinguals
4.1 Home Language Survey
4.1.1 Survey in Parent 1st language
4.1.2 Evaluation of Survey Survey evaluators determine if student needs assessing Language Proficiency Assessement Examiner should familiarize themselves with the culture/language of examinee Program is designed to meet the needs of the EB Parents choose to allow EB to participate
5 Ongoing Assessment
5.1 Portfolio
5.1.1 Plan ahead for artifacts to include
5.1.2 All stakeholders should assist in determining criteria for work included
5.1.3 Artifacts should show growth of student
5.1.4 Artifacts should be authentic
5.1.5 Portfolio should be tailored to suit the needs of all stakeholders
5.1.6 Collection of artifacts should be made throughout the year
5.2 Performance Based
5.2.1 Measures language proficiency and academic growth
5.2.2 Includes process and product
5.2.3 May be more than 1 correct answer
5.2.4 Clear fair criteria
6 High-Stakes Testing
6.1 Play major role in determining academic future of students
6.2 AYP is based on scores
6.3 Used to determine if standards have been met by state
6.4 Accommodations are allowed if deemed necessary
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