What are assessments and what do they measure?


This map shows 6 assessments along with a break down of what you might see on the individual assessment.
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What are assessments and what do they measure?
  1. Traditional Assessments
    1. Standardized tests
      1. This assessment gives indirect evidence
        1. multiple choice
          1. True/False
        2. Teacher Created
          1. Teacher structured (Chapter/ Unit Test
            1. Recall memorized information
        3. Authentic Assessment
          1. Meaningful Tasks in the real world
            1. Team Projects
              1. Retelling Stories
                1. Debating
                  1. Brainstorming
            2. Performing a task
              1. What do you want students to know and be able to do? (This will be the standard)
                1. Use a rubric to clearly convey expectations
            3. Portfolios
              1. Growth Portfolio
                1. To show growth or change over time
                  1. early and later work to compare
                  2. Develop process skills
                    1. samples with reflective growth and process skills
                    2. Identify strengths and weaknesses
                      1. reflections of strengths and weaknesses
                      2. to track development of one of more products or performances
                        1. drafts of specific product or performances to be tracked
                      3. Showcase Portfolio
                        1. Student sample for employment use
                          1. Cover letter, sample work, description
                          2. showcase students best work
                            1. samples of students best work
                            2. Showcase of student's favorite work
                              1. students favorite/best/most important work, list of strengths/ weaknesses of work
                              2. to communicate a student's current apptitude
                                1. match of work with standard accomplished
                              3. Evaluation Portfolio
                                1. documenting progress toward standards
                                  1. list of student goal, rubrics of how you plan to achieve goals
                                  2. Allows the traking of achievement
                                    1. test score, rubrics, samples of work
                                    2. Placing students approprietly
                                      1. Sample of current work, sample of earlier work to show progress
                                  3. Rubrics
                                    1. Scale used to assess student performance
                                      1. Allows for better feedback between the student and teacher
                                      2. task specific set of criteria
                                        1. clearer expectations for students
                                      3. Initial Assessments
                                        1. Clear, accurate, and relevant picture of what a student has retained
                                          1. What does the student need to learn
                                            1. Where does the student need improvement
                                            2. Establishes a students "starting" point
                                              1. What has the student already achieved
                                                1. What is the student's learning style
                                              2. Ongoing Assessments
                                                1. Continuous feedback on the effectiveness of instruction
                                                  1. Is the information being retained
                                                    1. Allows teacher to adapt instruction
                                                    2. Shows what students are understanding
                                                      1. Types include but aren't limited to: Exit slip. quiz, discussion, chapter/unit test
                                                      2. Performance Based Assessment
                                                        1. Application of knowledge
                                                          1. Demonstrate skills and concepts
                                                          2. Does the student know the information and can they use it
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