CASE STUDY: Abondance, France

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Created by jeacur almost 6 years ago
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CASE STUDY: Abondance, France
1 Background
1.1 Typical Alpine ski resort
1.2 In Haute-Savoie region of France
1.3 One of several traditional ski resorts in the area that depend on income from winter skiers
1.3.1 For the survival of their many hotels, restaurants and shops
2 In 2007, following 15yrs of unreliable snowfall, it shut down
2.1 the local council is considering two options to secure its future and provide employment for the local population
2.1.1 to develop other forms of winter sports, e.g. ski touring, snowshoeing and snowmobiling that are less dependent upon deep snow than traditional skiing
2.1.2 to develop its summer programme of activities to include hiking, water sports and mountain biking This would enable the town to become more of an all-year round resort rather than just a winter one
3 New developments
3.1 the High Alps form a pristine landscape rich in wildlife and free from pollution. With low level resorts in decline there is considerable pressure from developers to develop these wilderness areas
3.2 however tourism developments can harm fragile environments in a number of ways
3.2.1 road construction and the building of ski lifts, houses and hotels can have a bit impact on natural ecosystems and habitats
3.2.2 trees are often cut down to make way for developments. they have an important function in binding the soil on steep slopes and breaking up avalanches
3.2.3 Overuse of slopes for skiing can strip a hillside of its natural vegetation, which can take many years to re-establish.
3.2.4 mountain biking can lead to gullies, which can be enlarged following heavy rain or snowmelt to form scars on the landscape
3.2.5 With increased levels of pollution (noise, visual) the natural landscape loses some of its appeal and this may reduce the attractiveness of the area for tourism
4 In Austria new ski lifts and cable cars are being constructed to open up the Gepatsch Glacier to skiers above 3,500m
4.1 However with almost all Alpine glaciers retreating, there is no guarantee that glacier skiing will last for long
5 At LIsenser Fernerkogel new cable cars and pistes are being developed
6 In other areas there are plans to contrut cable cars to link resorts, which would enable lower-level resorts to remain viable even if tourists have to travel by cable car to another higher-level resort to ski

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